Best Android Apps - May 2023

Best apps of May 2023

This is an new apps series in our website I have started today as May 1st, 2023 my first list of best apps of the month article with good collection of 20 apps with 5 bonus apps too. Lets have some cool apps collections like this every month. Hope you love it keep supporting.

Piktures Gallery: Photo, Video

1 - Piktures Gallery: Photo, Video

Piktures is an intuitive, powerful and stylish gallery app for viewing photos and videos. It features an intuitive user interface, advanced sorting and sharing options, and a powerful editing suite to enhance photos and videos. It is the perfect gallery app for organizing, viewing and sharing your photos and videos.

1. User-friendly interface
2. Cloud integration
3. Calendar view
4. Location-based organization
5. Privacy and security

Solid Explorer File Manager

2 - Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer File Manager is a powerful file management app for Android that allows users to quickly and easily navigate their device’s file system. It features a two-pane interface, drag and drop support, support for cloud storage, and advanced archive management. It also has a wide range of customization options, allowing users to customize the app to their own needs.

1. Dual-pane view
2. Cloud storage support
3. Root access
4. Media player
5. Archiving support

Phonograph Music Player

3 - Phonograph Music Player

The Phonograph Music Player app is an open-source music player for Android. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, and offers a wide range of features such as gapless playback, scrobbling, an equalizer, and Chromecast support. It also lets users create and manage playlists, and customize the look and feel of the app.

1. Material design
2. High-resolution audio support
3. Tag editor
4. Crossfade playback
5. Playlist management

Mathway: Scan & Solve Problems

4 - Mathway: Scan & Solve Problems

Mathway is an app that helps users solve math problems. It can scan mathematical equations and provide step-by-step solutions. It also provides graphs and other visual aids to help users understand the problem. It covers basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry and more. It is a great tool for students, parents and teachers.

1. Step-by-step solutions
2. Scientific calculator
3. Graphing calculator
4. Algebra solver
5. Trigonometry solver

Texpand: Text Expander

5 - Texpand: Text Expander

Texpand: Text Expander is an app that helps you to save time typing by expanding your frequently used phrases, words, and abbreviations into full sentences or paragraphs. It supports multiple languages and has a variety of features such as auto-correct, customizable shortcuts, and cloud sync. It helps you to be more productive and saves you time when typing.

1. Custom abbreviations
2. Cloud sync
3. Shortcuts
4. Templates
5. Clipboard management

Audify - Notification Reader

6 - Audify - Notification Reader

The Audify - Notification Reader app is an Android-only tool that reads out notifications from your phone so you don't miss important alerts. It can be used to quickly check messages, emails, social media notifications, and more without needing to take out your phone. You can customize the app to read out only the notifications you want and set volume and speed preferences.

1. Hands-free listening
2. Customizable playback settings
3. Filter out unwanted notifications
4. Dark mode support
5. Auto-pause playback during calls


7 - Kodi

Kodi is a free, open-source media player app that allows users to access, organize and view streaming media content from the internet, including movies, TV shows, music, and photos. It is available for multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Kodi also offers a selection of add-ons, plugins, and skins which enhance the user experience.

1. Media player
2. Customizable interface
3. Third-party add-ons
4. Supports various file formats
5. Live TV and PVR/DVR support

Microsoft Lens - PDF Scanner

8 - Microsoft Lens - PDF Scanner

The Microsoft Lens - PDF Scanner app is a free mobile scanning app that enables users to scan documents, photos, and whiteboards into PDF, Word, and PowerPoint files. It also provides features such as OCR to recognize text, auto-cropping, edge detection, and more. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

1. Scan documents
2. OCR text recognition
3. Auto-crop and enhance
4. Save to various formats
5. Share and collaborate


9 - CPU-Z

CPU-Z is a free system information and diagnostic tool for Windows that provides detailed information about the processor, memory, mainboard, and operating system. It can also be used to detect hardware, identify system components and detect hardware conflicts. CPU-Z can be used to test for overclocking and underclocking, view the frequency of each core, and show temperatures, voltage, and power consumption.

1. Device information
2. Real-time monitoring
3. CPU and GPU benchmarks
4. Battery and thermal status
5. Widget support

ADV Screen Recorder

10 - ADV Screen Recorder

The ADV Screen Recorder app is an easy to use screen recording app. It allows users to record any part of their device's screen and save recordings as videos. It also allows users to add annotations, add text, adjust the video quality and frame rate, and take screenshots. The app supports multiple formats for saving recordings, including MP4, AVI, and GIF.

1. Two engines
2. Pause/resume recording
3. Recording countdown
4. Draw on screen
5. Video editor

Bitly: Connections Platform

11 - Bitly: Connections Platform

Bitly: Connections Platform is an app that enables users to create and manage shortened URLs for their content, track performance, and identify influencers to share content with. It also offers analytics and insights to monitor the effectiveness of campaigns and optimize content for maximum reach.

1. URL Shortening
2. Link Management
3. Analytics Tracking
4. Customized Links
5. Team Collaboration

Google Meet

12 - Google Meet

Google Meet is an app that allows people to communicate with one another in real-time. It is used for video and audio conferencing, and participants can join from any device. It enables collaboration with advanced features such as screen sharing, recording, and chat. It offers secure, high-quality video meetings for up to 250 people. It is available on both iOS and Android for free.

1. Video Conferencing
2. Screen Sharing
3. Recording Meetings
4. Live Captions
5. Integration with Google Calendar

MacroDroid - Device Automation

13 - MacroDroid - Device Automation

MacroDroid is a device automation app that allows you to automate tasks on your Android device. It uses a simple 'if this then that' structure to trigger automated tasks such as turning on wifi when you arrive at home, sending an SMS when battery is low, or launching music when you plug in headphones. Tasks are created using a simple design interface and require no programming knowledge.

1. Task Automation
2. Trigger Events
3. User-Friendly Interface
4. Task Sharing
5. Multiple Actions per Trigger

Adobe Scanner - Pdf Scanner, OCR

14 - Adobe Scanner - Pdf Scanner, OCR

Adobe Scanner is an app that allows users to capture and digitize physical documents using their device's camera. The app automatically detects the document's edges, corrects perspective, enhances image quality, and saves the result as a PDF or JPEG file. Users can also perform OCR on scanned text to make it searchable.

1. Document Scanning
2. Automatic Image Correction
3. Text Recognition
4. Cloud Storage Integration
5. Scanned Document Editing - Cashback & Coupons

15 - - Cashback & Coupons is an app that helps you save money while shopping online. With Cashback & Coupons, you can get discounts on your purchases and earn cashback rewards. It also offers exclusive coupons, deals and discounts on over 500 stores. It helps you find the best prices and save money on your shopping.

1. Cashback Rewards
2. Price Comparison
3. Discount Coupons
4. Online Shopping
5. Secure Payments

Muviz: Navbar Music Visualizer

16 - Muviz: Navbar Music Visualizer

Muviz Navbar Music Visualizer is an app for Android devices that displays visual effects on the navigation bar of a device while playing music. It offers an array of vibrant visuals, custom backgrounds and animations that sync to the audio of the device. It also supports full-screen launching, allowing users to enjoy their music with a unique visual experience.

1. Audio Visualisation
2. Customizable Effects
3. Real-time Animations
4. Music Player Integration
5. Battery Optimization

Brave Private Web Browser

17 - Brave Private Web Browser

The Brave Private Web Browser app is a free and secure web browser designed to protect your privacy. It blocks ads, trackers, and other malicious content, and features a built-in ad blocker, password manager, and private browsing mode. It also offers a host of features including personalized news, bookmarks, and tab management.

1. Privacy Protection
2. Ad Blocking
3. Fast Browsing Speed
4. Built-in Crypto Wallet
5. Customizable Settings

Online Compiler - Code on Mobi

18 - Online Compiler - Code on Mobi

Online Compiler - Code on Mobi is an app for coding enthusiasts. It provides an online coding environment for Android and iOS devices, allowing users to write, debug and compile code in multiple languages, such as Java, C, C++ and Python. It also offers a real-time code editor, which allows users to collaborate on projects and receive feedback from others.

1. Multiple Language Support
2. Syntax Highlighting
3. Code Sharing
4. Offline Support
5. Code Execution

Walli - HD, 4K Wallpapers

19 - Walli - HD, 4K Wallpapers

Walli - HD, 4K Wallpapers is a free wallpaper app with over 1 million unique and creative wallpapers from independent artists. It features exclusive collections from famous designers, stunning artwork from famous artists, and a range of categories including abstract, nature, animals, and more. It offers free wallpapers in HD and 4K resolution, and a daily wallpaper collection to keep your screen looking fresh.

1. High-Quality Wallpapers
2. Artist Community
3. Customizable Collections
4. Favorites & History
5. Automatic Wallpaper Changer

PhotoScan by Google Photos

20 - PhotoScan by Google Photos

Google Photos' PhotoScan app is an easy way to digitize old photos. It uses your device's camera to capture photos and eliminate glare, and then produces a high-quality digital scan. It also allows users to adjust the crop and rotation of their photos, as well as add colour to the scan. Photos are then stored in the user's Google Photos library and can be easily shared and edited.

1. Photo Scanning
2. Automatic Cropping
3. Image Enhancement
4. Cloud Storage Integration
5. High-Resolution Output

★ 5 More Bonus Apps

Universal Copy

21 - Universal Copy

Universal Copy is an app for Android devices that enables users to copy any text from apps or websites, even when not normally allowed. It works by allowing users to select text with a single tap, then copy it and paste it into other apps. It is especially useful for copying text from apps that don't normally allow it, such as social media apps.

1. Text Extraction
2. Multi-Language Support
3. Floating Button
4. Easy-to-Use Interface
5. Ad-Free Experience

Friendly Social Browser

22 - Friendly Social Browser

The Friendly Social Browser app is a privacy-focused web browser with built-in social media features. It allows users to securely connect to social media sites, chat and share content without compromising their online privacy. It also offers personalized recommendations, secure password management, secure downloads, and more.

1. Multiple Accounts
2. Ad Blocking
3. Dark Mode
4. News Feed Customization
5. Security Lock

Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor

23 - Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor

Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor is a free photo editing app that transforms your photos into artworks using the styles of famous artists and world-famous ornaments. It allows you to create unique and stunning artworks in a few simple steps. You can add filters and effects, adjust colors, and even use overlays to make your photos stand out.

1. Artistic Filters
2. Real-Time Effects
3. Image Enhancement
4. Social Media Integration
5. AI-Powered Algorithms + WARP: Safer Internet

24 - + WARP: Safer Internet + WARP is an app designed to provide a faster and more secure internet browsing experience for Android users. It uses Cloudflare's global network to encrypt user traffic and prevent ISPs and other third parties from monitoring online activity. The app also includes a free VPN service, WARP, to further enhance security and privacy. - Sticker Maker

25 - - Sticker Maker - Sticker Maker is a free mobile app that allows users to create and share custom stickers on various messaging platforms. Users can use their own images or choose from a library of pre-existing templates and add text or other decorations. The app also includes a feature to discover and download stickers created by other users.

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