Get WiFi Password using Google Lens

Visited Guest Home ? Shy to ask WiFi Password ? Then you are at right place. Lets see how to check ourself saved or connected WiFi Passwords without any external applications.

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1) Open Notification Panel
2) Long Press WiFi icon
3) WiFi Settings will open

4) Now Click "Tap to share password"
5) QR code will be shown like below,

6) Take a Screenshot of it
7) Now Open Google App or Google Lens
8) Click that Screen Shot Image
9) Now it will Scan and Show the Password.

In my case my WiFi Password is : Hashcat#cat
Like this you can view password of any WiFi using Google Lens.



I have tried this method of WiFi Password revealing with my own WiFi Connection and Network for Educational purpose. Do not try with other networks where you are not owner. Feel free to comment below. Thank you.

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