Play Computer Audio to Android Wireless and Easy way - Windows Guide - Stream PC to Android Audio


Strean PC Audio

This tutorial is about streaming/playing PC Audio to Android phone wirelessly and for free. This will be useful, when you don't have speakers in your computer. To convert your android phone into wireless speakers via Wi-Fi connection.


- Use android phone as speaker
- Use android phone as microphone
- Supports all android devices
- Supports windows
- Supports linux
- Supports mac
- Both PC android supports both server and client
- Compressed audio for low and medium quality
- Uncompressed audio for high quality audio
- Supported dark theme in both PC and Android
- and more features to explore.


Download - Android client app
Download - Windows server app

Both applications are free to use. But it also has premium features to add as addition which offers better uncompressed audio quality. But don't worry it also works good even in free version. Anyway, contact me for premium version giveaway for free. (Giveaway only for our website regular users)

Step by step guide

1 - Download Android client app apk and install in your android phone.

2 - Now download Windows server app exe and install in your windows PC.

3 - Open windows installed server and you can see like below shown image,

4 - You can see in above image top right corner IP address of PC.

IP address of PC is:
IP address of Virtual Audio is:

5 - You have to note down the Virtual address only like above said example.

6 - Now Open the client app in your android device and type that IP address in it, like shown below in image,

7 - Once done correctly, click "Connect" button in android client app.

8 - All done now any media played in computer, its audio will be automatically now played in your android device.

9 - It can be any audio or video from local computer storage or even from browser online videos or audios, all audios will be played in your android device. Simply your android device now acts like a virtual speaker.

10 - All done. All you need to be in same Wi-Fi network. To turn off simply disconnect from android client app or disable Wi-Fi, Enjoy.

Note: For any help, doubt or giveaway, feel free to contact me via our WhatsApp group.

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