Grub Customizer for Kali Linux - Full Guide

Grub Customizer

Let's say you are windows user and multi booted to Kali Linux to get Linux or Hacking experience. By default when you turn on your computer Kali linux will be booted up automatic after 5 seconds as first priority instead of windows. That's where grub Customizer comes handy. Which rearrange the order of grub bootloader as per your wish.

Before customizing,

Priority 1 = Kali Linux
Priority 2 = Windows
(Kali linux will be booted automatically in this case)

After customizing,

Priority 1 = Windows
Priority 2 = Kali Linux
(Windows will be booted automatically in this case)

This is the actual usage of grub customizer. Not even one or two it can rearrange and customize multiple OS in computer grub.

How to Install ?

Its easy to install grub customizer in Kali Linux. Just with one actual command.

step 1 - Open your Kali Linux terminal (ctrl+shift+t)

step 2 - type in the following one by one pressing enter after each command line..

• sudo apt update
• sudo apt install grub-customizer

step 3 - it will ask for root user password type it in
• after its installed, just type grub-customizer

step 4 - It will be load and opened. Now just click WINDOWS OS (or whatever you need to change priority for) click up arrow.

step 5 - Once the Windows OS comes to top of the list, click save. All done.

You have been customized your computer grub bootloader priority this much easily. Just reboot once and check. Enjoy.

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