How to install Prime OS - Step by Step Tutorial

Prime OS

Prime OS is one of the Android OS for computer. There are so many Android OS available for computer. But, this one (Prime OS) is best among those.


• Prime OS iso - Download or here selective.
• Bootable Pendrive

How to install ?

step 1 - Once made Prime OS bootable pendrive, Set it as first priority and boot via bios.

step 2 - Once booted into installation screen, click Prime OS installation.

step 3 - Click create new partition » select your HDD or SSD where you like to install OS » select the partition correctly..

step 4 - Once selected, click enter for everything for default action and if asks for name type prime or anything as per your wish then press enter.

step 5 - Then move to "write" option and type yes to confirm write partition table into that selected partition.

step 6 - Once written, move to Quit and press enter.

step 7 - Now your partition will be listed at very end of the list (sometime at top) Select that.

step 8 - click re-format if any error shows in format and click NTFS and press yes.

step 9 - Once formated, click yes for install EFI GRUBZ

step 10 - It will take some time to write grub into the partition to boot up Prime OS. Once done, It will ask to create disk image, click yes and keep 2GB as default (2048 MB) press enter.

step 11 - Now you will see PRIMEOS is installed successfully. Now select Run PRIMEOS. It will be reboot to Prime OS Boot option.

step 12 : Select PRIMEOS (version) here. (Do not select debug) Press enter to proceed..

Boom that's it, you can see Prime OS boot logo now.. All done, Successfully installed Prime OS (Android ROM) into your computer.

On-screen setup,

• click proceed
• enter username (any name you wish)
• select time zone (mine is Asia/Calcutta)
• Accept License, it will be getting ready and done.

Ready to use fully functional Android on your computer ✓

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