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All most frequently asked questions are answered here. Slow and Steady, Spend little time and read FAQ's.

1 - What is this website all about ? {alertInfo}

 Its all about technology stuffs like, Android, Windows, Mobile, Computer, Linux, iOS, Apple, Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Applications, Games, Software, Hardware, Tools, Script, Programing, Web development, design, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, C, C++, Bash, Batch, Command Line, GUI, Tricks, Tips, Loots, Offers, Free Stuffs, Udemy courses, collections, CEH, CCNA, Networking, Frontend, Backend, Question and Answers, Guide, Tutorial, Articles, Post, Tech Solutions, Helps, Requests and more. 

2 - Who am I ? {alertInfo}

My name is Philip hacker. I have detail report about me in our about page.

3 - Why am doing this ? {alertInfo}

Its my passion to help people. So, I share here whatever I know.

4 - How this website made ? {alertInfo}

This website made using Blogger and Hostinger for domain.

5 - Is that AdSense Approved ? {alertInfo}

Not yet. We have not yet reached eligibility. Hence, waiting to apply AdSense once eligibility threshold reached.

6 - What happen to webhosting ? {alertInfo}

Our Previous webhosting expired. Has I don't have money to renew webhosting, I have moved to Blogger free service. Consider donation via our donate us page.

7 - How to comment ? {alertInfo}

Just scroll down to bottom of the article, there you can see comment option powered by blogger.

8 - Can't able to comment, showing unable to sign in ? {alertInfo}

This happens due to cookies blocked by your browser, Simply disable the cookie blocker or Ad blockers and reload the page. This will solve the issue.

9 - Where is apps and games page ? {alertInfo}

We have removed our apps and games page for android and windows and moved it.

10 - Where is Termux page ? {alertInfo}

We also removed our Termux page. But, don't worry. Our Termux Tools are still available in our GitHub page.

11 - How can I join our community ? {alertInfo}

Just visit our join us page. From there you can join with us in any social platform which is comfortable for you. We are in Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and GitHub.

12 - How to donate ? {alertInfo}

You can donate us via any payment method you have like Wallets, Credit or Debit card, UPI Payments, Direct Net Banking, Pay Later, Paypal and more. We use Secured Payment system powered by Razorpay and Paypal. You can donate us using donate us page.

13 - Can I write article in this website ? {alertInfo}

Yes, you can write article and sent it to me via contact us form. I will go through your article and fix if there is any mistakes and then I will post your article in our website with full and full credits to you as author.

14 - Like to help me, But, you are not financially well ? {alertInfo}

I am much happy that you want to help me. Don't worry still you can help me by subscribing to our YouTube Channel and Sharing our articles and videos with your friends and family. Its a lot more enough for me and I am happy enough. Thank you.

15 - How to Request for new Article ? {alertInfo}

You can request for any tech stuffs to me via our user request page. Your request will be solved within 24 hours from the time requested. You can check request status in same user request page below the form. Also, I will notice you via reply mail once request fulfilled.

16 - What are all the data collected from us ? {alertInfo}

You can check our Privacy policies and Terms & conditions page for all such details.

17 - How can I filter only selected articles based on keyword ? {alertInfo}

You can use Menu option in header of our page for main topics. Else, you can use Labels under all articles or all Labels listed at side and bottom of the Homepage.

18 - How to search ? {alertInfo}

Just click the search icon on the header of the page. Type the search keyword and press enter or search to start your search.

19 - How to enable dark mode ? {alertInfo}

In the header of the website you can see moon icon. By, clicking that you can enjoy our website in dark (night) mode. If you see sun icon there, that mean you are already in dark mode.

20 - Had any new Questions which is not listed here ? {alertInfo}

No worries, Feel free to contact me via contact form with your question clearly. So, I can answer it for you and add it in FAQ page.

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