About us

Hi, My name is Philip son. Everyone call me as Philip and myself I love to call me Philip hacker. I am a tech person. Who love technology a lot. So, I planned to write here as a blog article whatever I know myself related to tech. That's what this blog all about. All About Technology.

I will cover Android, Windows, Linux, Software, Hardware, Tools, Scripts, Programming, Tutorial, Guide, Help, Solutions, Mods, Applications, Cracks, Tweaks, Tools made by me, Tricks, Tips, Computer, Mobile, YouTube, Google and more like all technology helps and posts.

Myself I am a Programmer, Developer, Front & Back end Stack Dev. CCNA Network Engineer, Completed UG Degree in Physics, Worked on Few Open Source Projects, Good at Web designing & development, Neutral in Python , HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and some CLI programs like BATCH and BASH including shell scripting. Am Helpful and friendly person. I love Friends.

Hope i have shared about my everything here. Don't be a stranger, feel free to text me. If you need more details about me or this blog, feel free to contact me via contact form. Thank you.