Easy 5 ways to Remove Shortcut Virus Permanently


Shortcut Virus

It is a virus which can be mostly affected via USB drive, when using under following conditions,

- Used on infected PC
- By internet affect file
- By inserting infected drive
- By online downloaded files
- Corrupted storage
- When antivirus is disabled
- Intentionally harmed

How to fix?

You can use 5 different methods to fix shortcut virus affected USB drive or System and for sure one way will fix your drive. Some manual methods and tools given below.

Method 1 - Formatting drive

This is the easiest way among other methods, Just format your drive using defaut format or format tools from here. Caution: This will delete all your files in drive, do not try this method if you want data too in drive.

Method 2 - Deleting Autorun

- Open search and type cmd
- Run it as administrator
- Now type the following command in it

attrib -h -r -s autorun.inf

- Running this command will show hidden file called autorun.inf
- Once its visible, type del autorun.inf to delete it.

This is the file that spread this shortcut virus from one to other.

Method 3 - Using Cmd

- Open search and type cmd
- Run it as administrator
- Now type the following command in it


del *.lnk

- Running this command will delete all shortcut files in that drive

(For example, let's say your USB drive is H: then you need to type H: {enter} then type above command)

attrib -h -r -s /s /d H:\*.*

- Running this command will show all the shortcut files into normal and revive it from hidden condition to visible.

Method 4 - Using Registry and Startup

- Press WIN+R
- This will open RUN window
- Now type "regedit.exe" in it
- This will open registry editor
- Now navigate to following path,

Computer > HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Run

- Find all suspicious key from here
- Delete those by right click > delete.
- Then open file explorer
- Type %temp% in address bar, press enter
- Now delete all files from this folder
- Then go to following path,

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

- Delete all files from here too.
- Then restart your computer. All done.

Method 5 - Using Third party apps

1 - SVR v1.0 or SVR v2.0

Which is shortcut removal tool, simply using a batch script three times to make sure it removes it.

 - Download v1.0 / Alternative link.
 - Download v2.0 / Alternative link.

2 - Autorun Exterminator

It is designed to protect against autorun-based threats and remove autorun executables that are known to be malicious. Download this tool now / Alternative link.

3 - Antivirus Software

You can use any antivirus software, we have already made a list of almost all available antiviruses download links from here - Download Best Antivirus Software.

4 - Findy Kill

Findy kill is a disinfection tool. Its role is the suppression of Bagel or Beagle infection. It restores some security features damaged by the infection, such as Windows Firewall, Security Center, Safe Mode, or Hidden Files Display and mainly shortcut files. Download this tool now / Alternative link.

5 - Smadav Antivirus

Smadav is an antivirus software primarily used in Indonesia. It provides additional protection for computers, focusing on detecting and removing local viruses, while complementing existing antivirus solutions. Download this tool now / Alternative link.

Note: All files given here are from official source. Download at your own risk.


In rare case if above methods failed to remove shortcut virus, then try this method which is guaranteed to remove shortcut virus. This is a old version of premium USB fix tool mentioned above which serves for free to remove shortcut virus. Which I personally tested and works all the time. Use with caution, this tool kills all running process before it runs. Download this tool now / Alternative link.

Note: Click No if it asks to open forum in scanning step to perform the scan.

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