Speed Player - Play Video in Any Speed App for Windows - Made by me Philiphacker

Speed Player

Its a standalone portable video player app for windows, especially made for Techno world, anyway its free to use. Supports from 0.25x to 10x speed as per your wish and easy to use.


- Play video speed upto 10x
- Play video slow upto 0.25x
- Easy to use Interface
- Portable and standalone
- Fullscreen and minimized
- Mouse and Keyboard Shortcuts
- One click play video
- Native Dark Mode
- Light weight software
- Completely free to use

How to use ?

- Select video file
- Select speed
- Click play


ESC : To close the video player
CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + F : Toggle Fullscreen
Mouse Double Click : Toggle Fullscreen

How to download

- Just click below download button
- Disable antivirus or defender
- Unzip the zip file
- Password : www.philiphacker.in
- Just double click to run exe file
- Its portable, no need installation enjoy.

Download Here (version 1.0)

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This tool has been made for mainly Kelvin from Techno world. So just shared with you all. Its purely made using python and fast forward play. Just need to disable antivirus or whitelist the tool as its not licensed, just made with python and compiled. If you had any need of any tool feel free to let me know if possible ill made for u. Join our Whatsapp group

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