Ezee Flash - Minimal Flash light App for Android - Made by me Philiphacker

Ezee Flash

Its a Flash light application made by me for Techno World (our WhatsApp group) and shared with public as others may feel its helpful. This app is minimal visual app with multiple feature.


• Normal flash light
• Front screen white light
• On/Off green red indicator
• SOS blinking mode
• Minimal design
• Plain black index
• Amolded support
• Ads Free
• Free to use
• Easy switch on and off

How to use

• Click on the screen anywhere once to turn on.
• Click again anywhere on the screen to turn off.
• ON mode will turn on both front screen and flash.
• OFF will disable both.
• Press and Hold the screen for 1 second to enable SOS mode which blink the flash light and screen light too.



Main focus of this app is ezee to use with minimal design and free to use. Seen many apps in Playstore, some contains ads, Some are not free, Some are very ugly design, Some are very rushed, There is no super minimal plain screen design with both easy access at emergency situation. Hence, created for my need, So sharing with you all too. Hope you love it. Thank you.

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