Install Kali Linux - Full Guide ( Step by step tutorial )

In this post am going to cover full step by step guide on installating Kali Linux. Before that we have to prepare our Installation.


• 1 USB Pendrive
• Kali linux iso file

step 1 - Download Kali linux from here.

There are 3 options for you to choose for installation,

1) Regular Kali linux iso
2) Everything Kali linux iso
3) weekly build test version

Regular : is recommended for low data user and for beginners.. all tools not pre-installed can be installed..

Everything : is recommended for high data user and for experts as it had all tools pre-installed..

Weekly: is not its a test version which still under beta and it may not be stable.

I am personally using Everything..

step 2 : Make kali linux into bootable pendrive. click here to know how to make bootable pendrive.

step 3 - Once you made bootable kali linux pendrive turn off the PC and boot into that pendrive from BIOS menu.

step 4 - Here you can see visual interface on install kali. If not and only grub is showing with command line do re make your pendrive into bootable again correctly.

step 5 - Click Install Kali Linux » Graphical install

step 6 - Choose the following,

• Language as English - English
• Location as India
• Keyboard language as American English

step 7 - It will detect your network hardware click Yes to search and yes to select your wifi NCI or adapter name

step 8 - Configuration the network,

• select your WiFi SSID name
• security as WPA/WPA2 PSK
• enter password twice.

step 9 - Fill the following, with your name..

• host name - philip
• domain name - philip
• full name - philip
• user name - philip

step 10 - Set the password and configure clock,

For India choose IST if not shown IST click go back and select correct language as India it will automatically set IST on continue..

step 11 - Manual Partition as follow

click empty partition » create partition » beginning (do the same for all partition creating..

below given partitions are splited for 100GB Storage..

/boot = 4 GB (booting kali linux)
/root = 38 GB (os drive kali to install)
/home = 50 GB (your private files saving)
/swap = 8 GB (swaping between other OS)

you can adjust size as per the disk size you had..

step 12 - Once done select finish and continue.. Select Yes to format partitions.

step 13 - Select display manager as gdm3 which is advance right now.

step 14 - wait for few mins to installation to complete..

step 15 - once done it will reboo your system and enter into OS swap screen. (remove pendrive in this case) select Kali linux and enjoy you were booted into kali linux.

For any query, contact me in our whatsapp group..

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