We all noticed CC and BCC these two options in all Mail apps. what does it mean ? Lets learn it now.. easy explanation.


CC means Carbon Copy. We need to add any email in that field. Hope every know about carbon paper. which copy or trace whatever we write above it. (refer below image)

Like same it just copy our mail and sent to the gmail we added too. including all the gmails and it contents in it.

Example, Lets say,

your email is : youremail@gmail.com
you want to sent it to : secondperson@gmail.com
you also want other person to know about this mail that person email is : thirdperson@gmail.com

Now your email format will be,

From : youremail@gmail.com
To : secondperson@gmail.com
CC : thirdperson@gmail.com

Now that mail will be sent as normal to secondperson@gmail.com and that same mail will be sent to thirdperson@gmail.com also.. both thirdperson@gmail.com and someone can see the email address of origin and second person.

But, in BCC case its totally different..


BCC means same and similar like CC, BCC stands for blind carbon copy. Which means it does the same work what CC does. Copy that mail to third person. But, what it did extra is sending blindly. Hence, receiver doesn't know this mail has been sent as BCC to someone.. At the same time the BCC receiver too don't know that to whome this mail sent to and came to them.

Hope you learnt something new. Share with someone to let them learn too..

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