Google Adsense Approval - Guide

Hi, I have slow and steadily read Google AdSense support page and collected some helpful and important points to get Google AdSense Account Activation and Approval process. Hope it will be helpful for all bloggers. Lets get into it.

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AdSense is Google Platform for bloggers and website developers to monetize there quality contents. By joining Google AdSense you can earn money from Advertisements.


Once we write and publish articles, Then we can place Google ad units or auto ads in our blogger or website. Once, our visitor view that ad or click and interact with it, we will get commission for that. It's like a partnership with Google. We show there ads and They give us money.


• Visit Google AdSense Website
• Click Get Started
• Create AdSense Account with your Gmail
• All done Google AdSense account Created.


Enter your payment details : In the AdSense Homepage itself there is option to fill payment info. Fill that completely.

Connect your website with AdSense : This option also available in Homepage itself. Just click that and type your website name and URL completely.

After that Submit website to review : Once you feel your website is completely ready to review then you can apply for review. Else, read the next topic in detail explained what are all we need to know and prepare our website before submitting to review.


Use given links and spend time , read patiently. {alertInfo}

1) Our Website Complies with Google Publisher Policy

2) Google Ads we place in our website should not cover content or very near or close to publisher content. If so, visitor may click ads by mistake. So, must avoid it as its comes under Google-Served Ads Obscuring Content. Refer below given image.

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PC {alertSuccess}

3) Invalid Clicks and Impression : We should not click or make impression with our own ads and also we should not tell our visitors to do the same. It have to happen naturally else AdSense will detect as false click and impression and account will be disabled.

4) Auto Ads : I personally recommend to use Auto Ads instead of ad units. Because, Google AdSense itself choose a best place for ads to show. Click here to know how to set Auto Ads.

5) Get Privacy Ready : Add Privacy Policy for your website. Mainly focused on GDPR and CCPA. Other important list of Privacy Policies given below,

• Consent Agree to All Terms by using website
• Information website collect
• How you use user information
• Standard procedure of using Log files
• Cookies and Web Beacons
• Google Double click DART cookie
• Advertising Partners
• Advertising Partners Privacy Policy
• Third party privacy policy
• CCPA Privacy Rights
• GDPR Data Protection Rights
• Children's Information
• Policy Update Details.
• Additional Info if anything you had on website.

6) Quality Content : Website must have quality contents without any grammar mistakes and with good reach and visitors.

7) Must 18 Years Old : You must be 18 years to old to apply for adsense website review.

8) Copyright Content : Your content should be your own. It should not be others content.

9) Supported Languages : Your content language must be in Google Supported Languages. You can check supported languages here » Languages Google Publisher Products Support.

10) Technical Pages : You should have Technical Pages in your website. Few listed below,

• Privacy Policy Page
• Terms and Conditions Page
• Disclaimer Page
• About Page
• Contact Page
• FAQ Page
• and more if any..


• Avoid Major Grammar mistakes
• Post 16+ Articles per month
• Atleast apply for review after 6 months
• 10,000 views per month will be good to apply
• Use a clean and neat lite mode theme
• Minimum must have 20 to 50 posts
• Post with more than 1000 words
• Post 3+ Articles per week
• 200 Unique views or 400 Page views per day
• Once rejected its hard to aprove again. So, apply after website is perfectly ready to apply.


This article is written with Google AdSense Support Page contents and My personal Experience. Hope you like it and help you a lot on applying AdSense. If had any doubt or questions, Feel free to comment below. Thank you. {alertInfo}

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