Everyone now a days using WhatsApp. WhatsApp too push many useful updates. Two billion+ users using WhatsApp till today. In this rush we need to reply to many people but, no time. We do business, don't want to miss customer messages. We run a group need to upgrade it. For all these type of issues WhatsApp Bot service is cool solution. Lets see in detail on how to create your own WhatsApp bot without any Programming or Coding Skills.

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• Auto Responder Pro

App Download link given at end of this article. {alertInfo}


1 - Download and Install Auto Responder Pro
(App link at end of the post)

2 - Open it and allow notification permission.

3 - Click + Plus icon. (Refer below image).

4 - Now it will show like this, (below image)

5 - Now type received message in Should be answered.

For example: If you wanna reply to hi then you have to type hi in that field. (refer below image)


6 - Now lets see more clear what are all those options below in radio buttons.

Exact Match - It check the received message for exactly same word. For example, if want to reply only if the message is hi. Then this option comes handy. For more details refer this link » Using Exact Match.

Similarity Match - This option will check for similar words or sentence. For Example, if don't want to check for spelling then this option comes handy. If you want to reply to hi even the spelling is wrong like hai, hie, etc. Then this option will reply for that too. Also it can be adjusted using 0% , 50% and 100% as 3 options. For more details refer this link » Similarity Match and Similarity Threshold.

Pattern Matching - This option works like wild card. You can use * symbol to let it know where that symbol given that place can be anything. For example, If you want to reply to sender if particular word exist in message Then this option comes handly. Like, if you want to reply if word "name" contains in message, Then use this option like,

*name : this will reply if message is What is your name
* = What is your
name = Trigger word

name* = this will reply if message is Name some animals
name = Trigger word
* = some animals

*name* = this will reply if message is My name is Philip.
My = *
name = Trigger word
is Philip = *

Hope you under. In these cases you can use Patter Matching option. For more details refer this link » Pattern Matching.

Expert Patter Matching - This option help you to set any condition you want. Possibilities are endless. For example,

1* : This will reply to 1 , 10 , 100 , 1000 and so on..
Hi+ : This will reply to Hi , Hii , Hiii and so on..
.{10,} : This will reply if message is 10 or more chars..
[0-9]{4} : This will reply if message is any 4 Digit Pin..
Coo+l : This will reply if msg is Cool , Coool and so on..
\S+@\w+\.([a-z]|\.){1,6} : This will reply if its email.

Like this the possibilities are endless. For more refer this link » Expert Pattern Matching using RegEx.

Reply to Media Message - To reply to media message like Audio, Photos, Videos, Locations. This option comes handy. Set Exact Match Option and Set below given messages in Should be answered field.

Location : This will reply if Locations received.
Photo : This will reply if Photo received.

For Voice and Video use Pattern Matching option,

Voice Message* : This will reply if Voice received.
Video* : This will reply if Video received.

For more details refer this link » Reply to Media Messages.

Welcome Message - This will reply to first message received from Non-Contact. Since the app is active. For more details refer this link » Welcome Message.


7 - Reply Message : Set Reply Message here.

For example, If you wanna reply hello if hi received. Then you have to type hello here. (refer below image)


By clicking this option it fill reply field with three hash ### symbols. This mean it won't reply to this command even the message match the match option. This option comes handy to temporarily disable particular keyword.


This option replace the reply field with custom answer field like, Time, App Details, Battery Level, Name , Chat Name, Date, Message counts, Random Alphabets and Numbers, more and more.. (Refer below image and link)

Refer this link for more details » Answer Replacement Guide.


1 : This option send only 1 reply (default)
All : This option send multiple replies (all)
Random : This option send one random message from multiple message.

+ Pressing Plus will add multiple reply fields.
- Pressing Minus will remove multiple reply fields.


Process messages with Dailogflow : This option will make conversation more powerful. This option is for tech experts. For more details refer this link » Dailogflow ES Documentation.

Connect your web server : Using this option you can connect with your web server. Your Web server will receive a HTTP POST request with JSON Object when everytime this rule is executed. Request and Response code given below,

Request to server ,

    "appPackageName": "tkstudio.autoresponderforwa",
    "messengerPackageName": "com.whatsapp",
    "query": {
        "sender": "John Smith",        
        "message": "This is an example!",
        "isGroup": false,
        "groupParticipant": "",
        "ruleId": 42,
        "isTestMessage": false
} {codeBox}

Your Response from Server ,

    "replies": [
            "message": "Example reply 1"
            "message": "Example reply 2"
} {codeBox}

For more details refer to this link » Web Server.


8 - Delay in Seconds - Using this option you can set delay in message reply after rule is triggered. Minimum 0 to Maximum 999999 seconds. For more details refer this link » Delay in Seconds.


9 - Receiver - This option is where we have to set like whom to reply. For example,

Individuals - Individual normal single person chat.
Groups - Groups among 500 participants.
Both - On selecting this will reply to both Individuals and Groups.


10 - Specific contact and Ignore contact - This option is very useful when it comes privacy. For example,

Specific contact : Add the contact name or group name or phone number fully as it shown in WhatsApp. Message will be replied for only the contact, group or phone numbers are added here. This option also supports wildcard like, 

+91* for all Indian numbers.
+* for all non contact numbers

Ignore contact : Is very similar to Specific contact. But, instead of replying added name, group or numbers will be ignored from reply. This too supports wild card.

For more details refer this link » Contacts.


11 - Conditions - This option used for some specific condtions can be used on replies. For example,

Reply only at specific time and day : Its much straight forward, by enabling this option will reply to messages only on specific times and days. Refer here for more.

Reply only if previous rule was executed with the last x seconds : Nothing to elaborate it says it all. Refer here for more.

Reply only if screen is locked or off : By enabling this option app will reply only if screen is off or locked.

Reply only if device charging : By enabling this option app will reply only if your charger is plugged in.

Reply only if ringer is silent : By enabling this option app will reply only if your ringer set to silent mode.

Reply only if Do not disturb mode is active : By enabling this option app will reply only if DND mode is active.

Reply only if Car mode is active : By enabling this option app will reply only if car mode (driving mode) is active.


This option will be useful when user need human response or user placed an order , something like that urgent situation. For more details refer this link » Priority Notifications.


This rule is helpful to cooldown already triggered rule for x seconds. x can be 0 to 99999999 seconds. For more details refer » Pause rule for.


This option helpful on let users to select options like 1,2,3. Example,

Option 1 - Apple
Option 2 - Mango
Option 3 - Orange

When user select Option 1, it will reply from submenu as Apple a day keeps doctor away. (Refer below image)

Like that it works. For more details refer this link » Creating Submenu.


for pro check out our telegram channel


Not only for WhatsApp, Auto Responder is available for other social media apps too.


There are some alternative apps for Auto responder available in Playstore. Even Though Auto Responder is advance when compared to other apps. anyway i have added few similar apps below.


• You can test your rules in Auto Responder itself
• You can use tasker app with Aito Responder
• Official Website »
• Auto Responder Blogger Page » blog
• Frequently Asked Questions » Faq
• You can import or export rules in csv format
• Reply all messages, use * in received message
• Auto Responder Privacy Policy.
• Auto Responder Native Germany.
• AR Contact email »


Hope i have explained all the part and now you are capable of creating your own auto reply bot for WhatsApp. If you have any doubt or questions feel free to comment below. Thank you. {alertInfo}

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