Open Microsoft Store Installed App via command - opn.exe - Tool by Philiphacker


Its an command line tool to open applications installed via microsoft store, Usually we can open application using command start path/appname.exe , but these microsoft apps are not a directly executable exe. So I developed this command line tool using python for my personal use, and share to public for free incase anyone had same need.


command : opn.exe {microsoft_app_name}
example : opn.exe whatsapp

Incase you can't find the application exact name, you can use the command opn.exe -l to get application name or else you can also use package name.

Other options : opn.exe {options}

-h for help
-l for list of app names
-a for about
-v for version
-w for website

How to run

Just download the zip file
open command prompt at same path as exe
type opn.exe -h for help and proceed


password :


Hope the tool helps you, if u have any doubt or anything else feel free to contact me at our whatsapp group. Thank you.

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