Best Linux OS Collections - with Direct Download Links

Linux OS

Linux OS is best alternative for Windows and Mac users. None of them in any order wise.


1 - Kali Linux
2 - Ubuntu
3 - Linux Mint
4 - Cent OS
5 - Debian
6 - Fedora
7 - Arch Linux
8 - Black Arch
9 - Manjora
10 - Peppermint OS
11 - Deepin
12 - Pheonix OS
13 - Parrot OS
14 - Puppy Linux
15 - Tiny Core


- Updated on Aug 2023
- Direct Download Links

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How to use

- Click below given download link
- Then make the iso bootable in USB
- Follow the instructions given in readme.txt

Download Linux OS Collections

After hypen, Suggested which base ISO to choose for Better usage.

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Hope you like this collection and everything works fine for you. Incase you facing any issues or can't able to download or may be link expired or anything else, feel free to contact me via our whatsapp or telegram group. Enjoy, Everything is free here, If possible consider donation , It will motivate me a lot :)

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