CompressX - Video Compressor Compress MP4 file from 1 GB to 100 MB - Made by me



CompressX is an Extreme Compressor app for MP4 video file. It will load video file and compress it super extremely low size.


- Added support to MP4 video file.
- Added 4 additional compress options
- Included progress bar and percentage
- Included Before and after size info
- Easy to use overall
- Added MP4 File picker
- Directly open saved folder
- Videos automatically saved in Downloads
- More to explore...

How to use?

1 - Click select video button
2 - Load the MP4 video
3 - Then select compression option
4 - Then file name will be shown
5 - Now click Compress this video button
6 - All done sit back, relax and wait until compression done.

Video file saving path,


Important Note

Do not close any command prompt windows prompts or pop up in screen, Thats the process of compression window screen. Looks fully black. If you close that compression will not be done and leads to error. So do not close it. You can minimize it. It will be automatically closed when compression process has been done.

Download CompressX

This tool has been made by me using python as its new unregistered software, it may have change detect as virus. If it happens simply allow and keep the file as whitelist or disable antivirus to use the tool. Enjoy. : Download here


This tool has been made especially for Madi one of our Techno World WhatsApp group mates and shared for others too here. If you need. You can use. Its free to use. Anyway, I explained how it works and how it made. So, use at your own risk. Thank you.


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