Block Internet access for particular app in windows


Everyone came across a situation to block internet access in windows computer for various reasons, such as to avoid auto update, to avoid being online, to avoid when some app consume more data and there may be more various reasons, Lets see how to do that step by step.

Required tool : Net Limiter

step 1 - Download the above mentioned tool named Net Limiter.

step 2 - Install and open it. No need any registration. Had trail version to install.

step 3 - Go to Application list tab at top fourth in column option.

step 4 - Select the app which you need to block internet. For example whatsapp.exe for windows

step 5 - Now Right click that app and select Add rule option from menu

step 6 - Select the Rule type option to : Blocker

step 7 - Then select Blocker action option to : Deny , Deny means not allowing internet to that app.

step 8 - Select weight as : Default which is 50. Anyway it can be anything from 1 to 100

step 9 - Tick the Enable check box at very bottom to enable the rule active

step 10 - Finally, save the rule and all done you have successfully blocked the internet access for particular app.

Now the app you set rule for can not able to access internet. This is an paid app, but had 7 day trail for new users. Also, join our WhatsApp or Telegram group to get premium promo code for this app in giveaway for free worth of 2 years cost $29. Specially for our visitors enjoy.

How to Enable Internet when needed it back ?
Just delete that rule by again right click that app and selecting delete rule option.

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