How to Buy best Laptop or Desktop Computer - Full Guide

First of all brand is completely your own choice. I will recommend how to choose the best one with according to specifications.


8GB is enough for now and budget. But for future use check for additional slot on RAM. So, u can add upto 16GB for best performance or 32GB and choose DDR4 for sure.

Processor (CPU)

i3 is good for low budget, i5 good for mid high and i7 for extreme. On these category, I recommend i5 for overall all rounder performance and avoid bottle neck while upgrading RAM. On AMD side AMD 5 and 7 series are good to go. Don't go below, that's my personal suggestion.


Ofcourse go for only SSD, Now a days hard disk are old for good performance. Only buy hard disk for more plenty of storage to store files. Make sure Laptop or Desktop have additional M.2 slot for adding more faster storage. If had that's lovely, If no, not a big issue SATA SSD slot is enough for normal users. (must install OS on SSD for fast bootup)

Operating system (OS)

Check always for latest OS, At the time of writing this blog Windows 11 is latest one and MS office package activated for atleast 1 year. Doesn't matter even not. But, good to use official genuine OS and Office until warranty period.

GPU or APU (Graphics card)

Seriously I have no idea right now on graphics card. Sorry for that. Yourself choose the best one which performs good. Myself using AMD Vega 11 APU works good for desktop. No idea how and what that be in laptops. I will soon research on it and update here or ask experts to update this part.


Go for FULL HD (1080p) display. Don't feel later with choosing 720p. So now itself go for 1080p and 4k if u have more budget.

Keypad and Keyboard

It will be good with backlight, depends on budget and your night usage and look for arrow keys alignment, those are comfortable for you or not. Because, I love all full buttons in arrow keys. Some comes with splited buttons on up and down arrow keys. If you too bother it then look for it. For keyboard, Recommended to use Bluetooth/WLAN keyboard to avoid wire and mess. Am personally using and wireless is best for me. If you are professional gamer and look for every accuracy in latency then go for wired. Mainly look for charging or physical battery which one you like as per your need.

Touchpad and Mouse

Touch pad is mostly comes in command design. But, look for which side its located as per your comfort, left , right or center and check it supports right click, left click, scroll, zoom in and out, also lock and unlock touchpad. In mouse case choose wireless here too for quality usage and choose wired if u bother latency and price. Also, make sure it fits comfortable in your hand without stress. Check for DPI values and buttons. Also some mouse comes with extra buttons. Mainly look for charging or physical battery which one you like as per your need.


Touch pad sytle and position, Wifi feasibility bandwidth, USB 3.0 ports, LAN Speed support 1gbps, Bluetooth 5.0 or more, extra slots, power adapter, charging speed and battery backup, like this look for additional things too as per your personal need.


Hope I covered all. These are all I researched and understand while am building my own desktop PC. so shared with 100% surety. From this specs pick a best one for you yourself now with more confidence. Doesn't bother if budget goes little bit higher. It will be worth it with above mentioned specs. Else budget is strict compromise some not much needed features.  Once, If you found a suitable device with above mentioned specs and suitable one for you. Its recommended to check reviews for each and everything in online sites, youtube and google.

For more direct help, feel free to contact me via our WhatsApp group. Thank you.

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