WPR - WiFi Password Recovery Tool for windows by Philiphacker



WiFi Password Recovery Tool. The name itself says it all. Yes, I have made an simple and easy to use WiFi password recovery tool which shows already saved or connected WiFi passwords in clear text and easy to copy and reuse again. Which comes handy while you forget your previously connected WiFi password or to view any other saved network password in your windows computer.


- Its Portable to use, No need any install
- Auto fetched all saved WiFi names
- One click tool to view password
- Click password to copy to clipboard
- No need admin rights most case
- Works within a second faster enough
- No Ads or anything else
- Simple guides and more..

How to use

1 - Download WPR tool from below given link
2 - Unzip with password : www.philiphacker.in
3 - Run wpr.exe file by double clicking
4 - It will automatically shows all WiFi names
5 - Just select it from dropdown menu
6 - It will show that WiFi password
7 - Click on the password to copy it.

Antivirus or Defender Prompt

Feel free to disable or make white list our app from any antivirus or defender. As its my home made project, It is not licensed under any company. Hence, Antivirus software may detect it as virus as its unknown exe file for it. No need to worries, I am guaranteed for running this app in your PC as it just contains python code to fetch WiFi names and passwords. Nothing else harmful in any case. Enjoy.


Zip Password


Download WPR


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