10 Methods to Remove Write Protection from USB Pen Drive


What is Write Protection ?

A write-protected pen drive refers to a USB flash drive or a memory stick that has been set to prevent new data from being written or saved onto it. This means that the drive can only be read or copied from, but no new files or data can be added or modified on the drive. The write protection can be enabled by a physical switch on the drive or by a software setting, which helps prevent accidental deletion or modification of important files.

So How to Fix it ?

I have given best 10 methods here to try to fix write protected pen drive into read and write with all permissions allowed and free to use. If one method doesn't work for you mean simply feel free to try another. One should work for sure.

Method 1 : Using Properties

1 - Open your pen drive
2 - Right click on any file
3 - Select Properties
4 - Go to General Tab
5 - Uncheck Read Only checkbox
6 - Click Apply and Ok
7 - Now you can use your pen drive
8 - Formatting is recommended on this method
9 - If not work, No worries still more methods to try
10 - Refer below given screenshot for better understanding

Method 2 : Using Diskpart

The diskpart utility is a command-line tool that can be used to remove write protection. To do this, you'll need to open the command prompt as an administrator

1 - Search of cmd in windows search
2 - Click on command prompt and right click
3 - Choose Run as Administrator
4 - Now type in diskpart in cmd, press enter
5 - Diskpart will open now as similar to cmd
6 - Type, list disk and press enter
7 - Type, select disk 1 and press enter

Note : select disk 1 must be your pendrive. you can know it by its size. So, don't simply type 1. type your pendrive disk number shown on screen by its size.

8 - Finally type, attributes disk clear readonly
9 - Press enter, that's it. Write protection removed
10 - Refer below image or try next method.

Method 3 : Using Registry

1 - Press Windows Key + R to open Run.
2 - Now type in, regedit in run and press enter
3 - This will open registry editor
4 - Navigate to following path


5 - Double click on write protect
6 - Change its value from 1 to 0.
7 - All done, write protection has removed
8 - Refer below image or try next method

Method 4 : Using Antivirus

Sometimes virus infection also make your pen drive files and folders not writeable. So, Its also try to use antivirus full scan your windows computer with pen drive plugged in. I have listed best Antivirus Software below will be useful to you.

1 - Avast Antivirus
2 - Norton Antivirus
3 - McAfee Antivirus
4 - Bit Defender Antivirus
5 - AVG Antivirus
6 - Click here to check 30 more..

Method 5 - Using Physical Lock

Check for a physical switch. Some USB drives have a physical switch that allows you to enable or disable write protection. Make sure this switch is in the correct position before attempting to write to the drive. If its write protection enabled, Simply disable it to use. refer below image.

Method 6 : Using Disk Management

Disk Management is a Windows utility that allows you to manage partitions and disks. 

1 - Open Disk Management by right-clicking on the Start button
2 - Select "Disk Management"
3 - Find the write-protected drive.
4 - Right-click on the drive
5 - Select "Properties"
6 - Go to the "Security" tab
7 - Then uncheck the "Write protection" option.
8 - All done pen drive is ready to use

Method 7 : Format the pen drive

If none of the above methods work, formatting the pen drive can remove write protection. However, formatting the drive will erase all data stored on it. You can do native format by right-click on pen drive in File Explorer, select "Format", Tick Quick Format and click start to format. Refer below image or you can use below given format tools on Method 8.

Method 8 - Using Third Party Tools

1 - Ease US Partition Master - Download
2 - MiniTool Partition Wizard - Download
3 - Rufus - Download
4 - HP Format Tool - Download
5 - Disk Genius - Download
6 - AOMEI Partition Assistant - Download
7 - Paragon Partition Manager - Download
8 - G Parted - Download
9 - Acronis Disk Director - Download
10 - Macrorit Disk Partition Expert - Download
11 - Chip Genius - Download
12 - Stellar Data Recovery - Download

Using these tools you can try formatting or disable write protection options to remove write protection from pen drive. There may be many more tools. As I shared the tools which I knew and used. Also note that formatting pen drive will delete all data in pen drive.

Method 9 - Bitlocker Encryption

If Bit Locker enabled in your PC that too cause your pen drive write protected. Simply disable it to remove write protection.

1 - Open File Explorer and select pen drive
2 - If Bitlocker activated then right click drive
3 - Click Manage Bitlocker
4 - Right click locked drive
5 - Select Turn Off Bitlocker
6 - All done. Refer below image.

Method 10 - Using Malva Style

Download Malva Style USB Fix and install and run it to disable write protection by formatting or disabling write protection.

Hope atleast one method works for you to remove write protection. If you know any other methods, Feel free to let me know in the comments below, contact form or in our WhatsApp group. If still your problem not solved, Please try with patient and clearance slow and steady one should work for sure. Thank you.

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