Unlimited Free VPN without any app using Android Build in VPN connection

Today I am going to show, How to use unlimited free VPN with good speed in Android device (without using any external app)

There are many paid VPN services are available like Express VPN , Nord VPN like that. But, Today Lets see how to use Premium VPN speed like this for Free mainly without any external applications.

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Step 1 - Open Settings » Connection & Sharing » VPN

Step 2 - Click add new VPN connection

Step 3 - Fill the Name Field as : www.philiphacker.in

Step 4 - Select Type as : L2TP/IPSec PSK

Step 5 - Visit this website : VPN GATE & Copy any one DDNS Hostname with good speed Line Quality. Like shown in below image.

Step 6 - Now in my case,
my DDNS Hostname is : public-vpn-169.opengw.net
my Line Quality is : 593.41 Mbps (good to go)

Step 7 - Fill in the Server Address (DDNS Hostname) as : public-vpn-169.opengw.net

Step 8 - Type IPSec preshared key as : vpn

Step 9 - Enable Show Advance Options

Step 10 - Forwarding routes :

Step 11 - Set the following username and password.

Username : vpn
Password : vpn

Small letter (Lower case) case sensitive..

Step 12 - Finally Whole Config Look like shown below in image. Just check once and Tick to save.

Step 13 - Now Just Turn on the VPN

It will show connecting... and in next few seconds connected ✓

All done. Free VPN connected and works great at good speed too. I have tested speed using various speed test and shown below. Hope you all love it. Never pay again for VPN. Enjoy.




Having Different Speed on Different time with Same VPN. Anyway its super good decent enough speed to use Internet VPN. If need any help or doubt , feel free to comment below. Thank you.

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