How to add PDF file on Home Screen without using any external applications

Want to access particular pdf file immediately from home screen ? If yes, then this article is for you. In this guide without using any external app am gonna teach you set open pdf file from home screen on Android.

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Google Chrome (Default Browser on all Android Phone)


• Open Google Drive in app or browser
• Upload your pdf file to gdrive
• which you want to show on home screen
• now open that pdf and copy the link
• open that link in Google Chrome browser

• Now click the 3 dot browser menu like shown in below image (not google drive 3 dot menu)

• Now click on Add to Home Screen option.

• Now it ask for name. Give any custom name for your pdf file.

• Now click on Add

• Now a shortcut will be added to your home screen of this pdf page. Check on your home screen (refer below image)

• This is my home screen. You can see the "My PDF" file in my home screen. Just click that anytime to open it. It will open your PDF file.

• All done you can open and use it anytime whenever you need your PDF file.


You can open the pdf file only if you have internet connection as we viewing our pdf directly from google drive. Hope you like this article. Feel free to comment below. Thank you. {alertInfo}

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