Enable Android Developer Option and USB debugging in different Android devices (Secret Developer Option)

Developer mode means a hidden menu with lot of hidden features and options available in it especially for developers. But, still we can access and tweak it. In this article lets see how to enable Developer mode and USB debugging in any brand of your android devices.

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➤ Xiaomi
➤ Samsung
➤ One Plus
➤ Vivo
➤ Oppo
➤ Realme
➤ Redmi
➤ Poco
➤ Pixel
➤ Motorola
➤ Micromax
➤ Nokia
➤ Sony
➤ LG
➤ Lenovo
➤ Huawei
➤ Infinix
➤ Stock Android


1 - Open Settings from app drawer

2 - Click on About phone

3 - Tap on MIUI version for 5 to 7 times

For Xiaomi devices you need to tap on MIUI version as shown in below image. But, for other devices it may vary like you have to click,

Software version in some device like Vivo
Version in some devices like Oppo
Build number in all other brands..

4 - Now you can see a toast message saying, You are now a developer!

5 - Now go back to settings and click on Additional Settings. 

For some devices you can skip this step and directly proceed with next step.

6 - Now you can see here new option called, Developer option. This is what we enabled now newly. Select into it.

7 - After getting into Developer option, You can see so many new options and tweaks.

Note : But, beware don't click anything without knowing about it. If you wonder and willing to use some, I have made an detailed article about each and every options from developer modes here.. 

8 - There are So, many options here. As our article is about enable USB debugging option. So, to enable USB debugging click and enable USB debugging option as shown below in image.

9 - In above image I have enabled USB debugging (Security Settings) also. If you are looking for Screen sharing via ADB you have to enable this option too for full controls.

Are you wondering how to share screen using ADB ? - Did you know we made free tool called SS-Tool which is lite weight screen sharing tool which allow you to share your android screen to your windows PC wired or wireless. Click here to read and download SS-Tool.

10 - That's it, you have successfully enabled Developer mode and as well as enabled USB debugging mode. Enjoy.

Hope you like this article, If you feel any difficulty in following via text you can watch video tutorial from below links. Thank you.



• Do not play with developer option without knowing what you are changing or tweaking in it. Click here to read to use safely. If need any more details or questions, feel free to ask me in comments or via our group. Thank you.

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