Create Free Website & Web-hosting using GitHub

For simple understanding, GitHub is a open source git software which actively maintained. Programmers upload there codes to git and publish there repositories as open source project. Other can also can contribute in improvement of that codes. We are using simply way to use this platform to create our free webhost officially.


• If you are new to GitHub, just click this link » Sign up and create your new account.

• If you are already a GitHub user, just click this link » Sign in and Login directly into your account.

Important Note : During Signup process whatever username you choose is going to be your website name. {alertInfo}



• Once you Signed into your account
• Then click this link » New Repo
• It will open a create new repository page.

• Now you can see in above image my username is, Philiphackerzx. Hence that's the same name of my website now.

• We have to use Repository name as,


For example: In my case my Repository name is,{codeBox}

• Once it shows green tick, which means your repository name is available under your username. Good to go.

• Now select the Public radio button,

• All done, now click Create Repository Button.

• Your Repository is created, Now we need to upload all our website files and folders into this repository. There are multiple ways to do it,


I have already made an neat article on, How to upload files to repository « click here to read all possible methods to add files to repository.


• Once your website files are uploaded/pushed to your repository, you can check your repository on Github. It will be look like below image,

• I have uploaded only index.html for just checking and example.

code inside index.html,

<h1> Website Works ! </h1> {codeBox}

• Once you found that website files uploaded successfully. You can visit your Github URL to visit your website.

For example : In my case my website URL is,

Replace philiphackerzx with your username/repository name. as we set both same in previous steps.

• Visiting the URL shows your index.html page content means all done your website works fine. And here is the output of the URL page from browser,

• All done website is working perfectly fine ✓

• Now you can upload or edit any of your website files and design and develop your website. Enjoy.


Don't Panic when your website doesn't sync faster. Github usually took little time to sync committed codes. So, wait few minutes like 1 or 2 minutes then reload the page. It syncs and works fine. In rare case it took 5 to 10 minutes depends on browser timeout.


Hope you like this article. Now you are capable to build your own static website at free web-hosting without depends on anything else. And mainly its official way for making unlimited free web-hosting. Feel free to comment below if you have any doubts. Thank you. {alertInfo}

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